LXandra Bio

Jewellery is, for me, a form of creative expression, intuition, and transformation. I create each piece with an emphasis on fine craftsmanship, unique design, and inspiring colors.

I look at the world in detail noticing patterns, contrasts and rhythms of color, and I use my observations to enhance my designs. Twenty-five years of experience and attention to detail allow me to create ever-changing jewellery designs that are modern yet classic, feminine yet fun, romantic yet playfulů..with an ultimate goal of making women feel radiant and beautiful.

I hope my designs, in some small way, transform those who wear them. I like to think my jewellery is about the magic of individualism and the transformative power of style. If a piece conjures a memory or feeling, or shapes self-perception, it becomes part of our unique sense of self. My wearable art, whether dressed "up" or "down" bespeaks the beauty, spirit, and individual style of the wearer.

Alexandra Lanzarotta

Loom weaving Hand-woven earrings